Corporate Catering

The Perfect Dining Experience.

“The restaurant reflects care and attention to detail. The food is delicious, the menu imaginative and the service is truly customer focused. You can sense professionalism and thoroughness in every aspect of the restaurant’s operation. You wish that your staff restaurant could be like this.”

Well it can be. Your company can enjoy cost effective premium quality in-house catering because Equator Catering is ready to partner with you in bringing excellence to your in-house catering facilities; excellence that means a uniquely personal service and extraordinary attention to detail. So you can depend on the highest standards and the best value for money available, in a restaurant facility that you and your employees can be proud of, everyday.

The benefits of utilising professional catering services are well recognised. With Equator Catering you are free to focus on your core business, yet you remain in control. In addition, food and service quality exceed expectation. A single efficient cost centre is created for catering, safety and hygiene; legislative issues are no longer a worry.

As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, Equator Catering works with it’s approved suppliers on scheduled basis to make sure that you are always receiving the best prices and that the agreed budgets are maintained.

With its unrivalled level of management support, Equator Catering is always on hand to ensure that areas of staffing, training, and customer care remain an absolute priority within our outlets.

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Tax Registration

  • VAT: Fully Registered
  • Type of Business: Public Limited
  • VAT Number: 14281-W
  • Tin Number: 1000020516
  • Withholding Tax: Exempt
  • Registration Number: 58657