Bush Catering

The Bush Catering Crew was formed in recognition that in certain circumstances it was impossible for conventional catering services due to lack of amenities.

The crew operate on bush mode cooking techniques like camp ovens, damper, and billy tea, and set up bush showers and bush toilets. All the necessary equipment is located in Kampala to ensure quick mobilisation.

The crew have catered for numbers from 12 to 120 in situations of total independence in the bush to the ‘luxury’ of a highway roadhouse!

The two major justifications for the crews’ existence are that firstly, the personnel involved with the particular campaign are able to give efficiently and to a greater extent because of the support and catering of the crew, and secondly while the crew exists it means less personnel are taken out of the field to provide necessary support services.

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Tax Registration

  • VAT: Fully Registered
  • Type of Business: Public Limited
  • VAT Number: 14281-W
  • Tin Number: 1000020516
  • Withholding Tax: Exempt
  • Registration Number: 58657