Health & Safety Policy

Equator Catering is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for its staff, customers and anyone who may be affected by its activities.

As a company we have made detailed arrangements for the implementation of this policy and these are outlined in the following section. In order to achieve this aim Equator Catering Ltd has the following key objectives;

  • To comply with all of Uganda’s relevant health and safety legislation and our current policy for activities within our control.
  • To set and maintain high standards of food safety and hygiene with an annual review of Equators Food Safety Policy.
  • To identify hazards, assess risks and implement control procedures
  • To ensure that staff, customers and visitors are adequately informed of risks, and where appropriate, receive instruction, training and supervision.
  • To document and review risk assessments
  • To implement this policy through codes of practice, schedules, guidance notes and training.
  • To safeguard the environment from the effects of Equators service activities.
  • To monitor and review the effectiveness of controls.
  • To ensure the provision of a trained health and safety co-ordinator having adequate time, resources and facilities to carry out there responsibilities.

The main responsibility for the implementation and on going development of this policy lies with the director of Equator Catering Ltd.

All staff are expected to demonstrate commitment to their own health and safety and that of others that could be affected by their work. Managers and those with supervisory duties have a particular duty to ensure the health and safety of those under their supervision.

All staff are required to comply with this policy and the procedures made under its authority.

Peter Bowser
Managing Director.

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Equator Catering Health and Safety Policy

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