Corporate Social Responsibility

The rapid economic growth that Uganda has experienced over the last few years has resulted in a healthier economy but also brings with it some challenges, including a great disparity of wealth and a significant degree of environmental degradation. This degradation is particularly evident in the level of ongoing deforestation.

We want to keep contributing directly to the community in a sustainable fashion that will have an effect. We are focusing our efforts on community greening by means of afforestation and fruit tree planting.

Beyond the environmental benefits of trees, this initiative – in collaboration with local schools in the community – brings additional benefits in terms of educational impact and job creation.

We endeavour to plant a number of indigenous trees where ever we work as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. We also try to be involved with the local schools by developing fruit tree nursery’s. This actively nurtures an appreciation of nature among the children while also contributing to the development of local communities. Onward selling of seedlings and marketing of the fruit also creates jobs and brings a level of economic growth to a small rural community.

“We need to promote development that works in partnership with local communities and does not destroy our environment.”
Prof. Wangari Maathai, Nobel Laureate.

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